Your mission is to protect your personal data like a super-charged machine and to avoid the digital privacy traps set for unsuspecting human shoppers. Ten questions will determine whether you are more human or machine. As you go through the questions, different forms of a privacy cyborg will randomly show up. Then, at the end, your individual form of the cyborg will be revealed, reflecting the number of questions you’ll get right. Do you accept the challenge of becoming a privacy machine? It’ll be fun and you may win a prize!

Are you more human or machine?

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1. What is considered personal identifiable information (PII)/personal data? Select the correct answer.

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2. If you strive to safeguard your privacy, should you ever provide personal information in exchange for free food, merchandise, discounts or coupons?

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3. You can just ask a company what they know about you and what they do with your data?

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4. You don’t have to agree to cookies, you can change your mind and opt-out or ask a company not to share/sell your data.

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5. Does it make sense to create a separate mail account for rewards and subscriptions?

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6. When you visit a website, data can be collected about your visit through cookies. What type of information is typically collected with cookies?

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7. If I only store a file with personal data, I am not processing personal data.

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8. From all the causes of potential data/privacy breaches listed below, which is the most common within Aegon?

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9. It is NOT permissible to log onto the Aegon network on your work computer while using a public WiFi network and work.

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10. Are organizations allowed to ask for a copy of your ID to verify your identity?

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